Changes, Chances and Challenges- 2

By Divya 
Divya's questions to Me ~
  • If you had to describe yourself with the help of a song which song would that be?
Ae jindagi gale laga le, humne bhi tere har ek rang ko gale se lagaya hai…hai na? – I feel this song says exactly what my heart feels every time!

  • What is that one thing you would do differently if you felt no one was judging you?
Just be – as I am always being something that people want me to be for the fear of being judged. But if I knew I was not being judged I would just be myself.

  • If you had the choice of starring in a movie which movie would you choose and what character?
I would want to be Mrs. Fiona in all the 3 parts of the movie Shrek as I totally adore him!

  • What is that one cause you are very passionate about?

  • What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
There are few people I have met through my blog who are very special to me only for one reason – It’s the way they make me feel – through their words (as we have never met). Their words of encouragement are constantly driving me to keep writing. I carry a printout of some of their mails with me, just to remind myself at times of trouble what my true worth is. Writing such beautiful mails to a complete stranger like me and bestowing their love is the nicest thing anyone could have ever done for me. ***TOUCHWOOD***

  • Who was your favourite cartoon character when you were a child?
Then and now my favourites are still the same – Dennis the menace and Calvin and Hobbes – both kids known for their notoriety just like yours truly.

  • If you could bring a tourist to your city where and why would you take him/ her there?
I would take him/her to the river front for various reasons:

·         It’s my most favourite place in the city.

·         I hate crowded places.

·         I love water bodies in any form – river, sea, lakes, waterfalls etc

·         It is very serene and peaceful sitting beside it.

  • What does your name mean? To what extent is that meaning applicable in your context?
My name means kindness. I would say it is applicable to me to quite an extent though sometimes I do tend to get rude as I am known to be brutally honest.

  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I see myself as a better human being, having learnt from my past mistakes, still in the process of learning how to live and love.

  • What is the best gift you have received?
Someone learnt my favourite song (in my mother tongue) and sang it for me!

  • If you know that today was your last day on this earth how would you like to spend it and why?
I might sound harsh but I would want to spend it all alone, reminiscing about all the good and bad things I have done in life, smile at some, crying at some and in the end feeling glad that I gave my best to all that came my way!

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