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SALT ~ This week ~Say

Couple of weeks ago a very close friend of mine underwent some issues in her relationship which according to her were disastrous and there was no other way out except a break up. Though I am usually not the types who interferes in others lives, but this time I was tempted for I knew the guy in question and thought of him to be a very nice chap.
On asking her the reason she very casually said ,"Wish he understood". I immediately asked her if she had ever tried to discussing things with him. Her immediate answer was if he claimed to love her he had to understand even the unspoken. I was speechless after listening to this as my thinking horses were set free.

I wonder what makes people think like this. I usually feel this "expectation to be understood without saying anything" is what is the root cause of all relationship problems. It is said that if a child does not ask even a mother does not understand what he/she wants. While the relationship of a mother is supposed to be one of the most closest ones of all on earth.

What is the harm if we tell someone we expect them to call us, hug us, talk to us, treat us with more respect, love us some more, give us time or just listen to us at some point. Does loving someone give you some magical rights to the inner most thoughts of that person? I wonder if all this happens in real life.
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Say for that not only creates a transparency it also ensures the other person knows exactly what you have in mind rather than groping in the dark trying to imagine it.
Lesson Learnt:  Say all that you have in heart for that creates stronger base for relationships.

PEPPER ~ This week ~ Execute

In my previous job I had done lot of projects which were wrongly submitted in others name by my boss. I cried a lot over them but still when she alloted me one more I would jump into it with my heart and soul.

One day I was working very late to finish this project when one of my colleagues asked me "Why are you taking so much pains to complete this project? You know you are not going to get the credit for it, then why slog so much. Just finish it and send." I replied, " I cannot just send it like that. I have to complete it in the best possible manner."

She: But why when you are not even being given the credit for it?

Me: That is her nature this is mine. I know I have to do this, there is no way out. I cannot argue with my boss. And I firmly believe that when I have to do something I might as well give my 100% to it and execute it in the best possible manner. No halfhearted attempts for me.

I had learnt this lesson sometime in my childhood from my grandfather who taught me that any thing executed with an 100% effort from the heart, never goes waste. It is rewarded in some form or other. Might not be the way we want it to be, but it does, surely. And I have experienced it also, it has never gone waste.

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Lesson Learnt:  Execute anything you do wholeheartedly, that is when you are rewarded the same way. Any thing done halfheartedly gets the same type of results.


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