Await & Live ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Await

As you all must be seeing around you, it is the onset of spring. After the chilling winters, the trees are done with shedding of their leaves and now are sporting a beautiful look. With small yet new leaves trying to come out and colourful buds adoring the branches it surely makes a very pleasant site to behold.

I was wondering yesterday what goes on to a tree's mind when it becomes all barren. Amidst all this beauty before and after there lies a stage where only ugliness was prevalent. Bare branches with no leaves or flowers to make it look appeasing. Does the tree get disheartened and give up at that stage?

Many times in life we come across a stage like that where we have lost everything that we have and are empty handed. We loose hope and even lose the zeal to continue further. But what does a tree do? It stands still and awaits the time of the year when it will get back everything that it had lost, maybe even more than that.It does not call it quits, rather stands tall and faces all the storms that come its way with a huge grin remembering all the good things of the and silently praying for things to be better in future too.

I realised that we , owing to our human nature , have a bad habit of reaching a conclusion even before making an attempt. The moment we reach a dead end we feel its 'the-end'. We never think it is just a bend on the beautiful road of life.The only thing we need to do is wait and watch for things to unfold

A tree teaches us that it is important to stand tall, with all the faith in prayers, hope in hearts and smile on lips at the time of trouble. For things cannot be like that forever.

Lesson Learnt:  At difficult times never loose faith and hope. It does not mean its not meant to be, it simply means this is not the right time for it to be. Await your turn and await the right time for things to fall into place.

PEPPER ~ This week ~ Live

This week a very close family friend passed away owing to some illness. This incident took me back to something that had happened 5 years back.
An ex colleague of mine was detected with stomach cancer and told that he had only 5-6 months as it was detected very late. Instead of losing heart, that person planned those 5 months very meticulously ensuring everything is in order for his family if anything were to happen to him. He spent time with them, did the paper work of nomination and till the final weeks was the best performer at office too in terms of deliverables. I truly admired him for his strength and positive attitude. In his death he taught us what life is all about. Life is about living it to the fullest and is not measured by the length.
On the other hand this family friend also had a prolonged illness since a long time but was not taking proper medication due to some strange beliefs in alternate medication. His illness had reached a stage where alternate medication would not be able to help but he did not pay heed. For me if you ask it was like he walked into his own pyre and sat on it. He forged reports, lied to his family and today he is not there when they are broken beyond repair. He could have done something to save himself had it not been for his staunch beliefs. Today when his 5 year old son asks "What happened to my papa?" I dont have the heart to tell him that his father showed us what death us in his life by not doing what he was supposed to do - LIVE.
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I could be wrong in thinking like this but I believe that till the time you are alive you should make each and every breath count. There were millions of people on earth when you were born, which means there was something which these millions could not and you could hence you were sent. By not living our life we are defeating the purpose of sending us here. Darwin 's theory is still applicable. We need to prove each day we are fit to survive as we fight so many battles every day- we compete, work hard to succeed, walk towards our dreams, try to make them come true just to live coz that is what we are born to so - survive and live.

Lesson Learnt:  Live when you are alive, rather than dying every moment that you life for the fear of death.


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