A Gift ~ of Love

Everyone has a gift for something, even if it is the gift of being a good friend.” ― Marian Anderson

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I have been lucky in having a wonderful friend who reminds me of all the gifts I have in my life. Some of you, who read my other blog must have read my letter to my best friend Dumpling there. So now as I celebrated my birthday 2 days ago I received the most wonderful and unforgettable gift I have ever got till now from Dumpling. Gifts are always special as they denote the love that person has for you. And this gift is truly extra special for various reasons. Firstly Dumpling pretended to have forgotten my birthday and then this gift came exactly at the time I had posted my first blogpost 2 years ago. It gave me such a special feeling which is beyond words , hence without saying any thing further just sharing that gift with you:

Hi Privy Trifles, 

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Happy Birthday !!! <3. 

Wish you a many many happy returns of the day and year ,
Wish you get whatever you want this year. 
More readers, more comments and certainly more posts. 
And hope with these many people and writing around you always feel happy and be smiley

You know you have played a special role in my life somehow and are still playing. You are the one through whom I have met one of the beautiful and best person of the world. She is my wonderful bestest friend forever. I know where to find her when she is little down, or angry with me. 

You are the one with whom she finds peace and happiness at such times. Thank you very much for taking care of my bestest friend for which I have failed many a times but you have stand still since past 2 years and have given her strength to express, understand and given her a window to see outside her own world. However thankful for all of this to you that will be less. Many a times when she could not approached you, you have given her own time to come back and talk to you. You are very calm and composed so far. 

In addition to that you have been very inspiring for me all of us. Your thoughts in the form of words have made us feel special and led us to ponder over it. Your stories and imagination has left us in a different world. And your awards ceremonies have brought smiles on our face. 

Hope you be there like this always with her because I always want to see her smiling and laughing that she gets when she is with you! Hope you will never break that trust of her. Hope you will live up to her expectation as well. 

Again wishing you a very happy birthday. Hope you live long and make people love, live and laugh. Keep my dearest cute bestest friend forever always happy and laughing with stomach ache.

With lots of love and hugs,

Thank you so much Dumpling for such a lovely gift, all I can say after reading it is:

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