Metro Diaries - Truth, dare and some lies..........

I have always believed each one of us has a story to say, provided there is a listener. Due to my work profile I travel a lot and I get most of my stories from the different people I met on such journeys not necessarily in person but in some way their stories speak to me. This segment is dedicated to such people and their stories. An attempt to capture the magic of real life through words and recreate it.

Multifaceted Niharika Sahai - Queen of lies read the headlines of Bollywood Gossip with a large close of her picture. Sitting in her living room her heart did a somersault as Niharika read the full article which portrayed her as an undisputed winner when it came to lying. A string of affairs was her claim to fame as per the reporter which had made her a household name in a span of few months and when asked about them she would lie out rightly denying them and claiming to be just good friends.

Queen….” She sniggered,” Yes indeed I am one who is wearing a crown albeit made of thorns.” If asked to describe in three words she was young, beautiful and super successful. Her success was because of her acting or any other abilities was another debate altogether. Giving 6 back to back blockbuster hits in the last two years was no mean feat. In a short while she was catapulted into the big league from being a nobody thanks to her demure and dainty looks.

Looking around her house Niharika wondered if it this all was real. A sea facing flat on the 23rd floor in Cuffe Parade with a large shelf full of her awards and accomplishments adoring the walls apart from her life size pictures – it was nothing short of a dream come true. Recollecting the article she thought, a liar was what she was; she portrayed she had the best of the both the worlds while actually she was a pauper. She showed everyone she was happy and enjoying her life to the tilt while actually she was lonely and was willing to give up everything just for the sake of one person who would love her genuinely and be by her side come whatever may. Flinging the paper to one corner she threw herself on the sofa continuing her thoughts.

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The reporter is right. My life is a lie. But then whose is not. My neighbor Mr. Sharma says I love you to his wife daily before walking into the arms of his mistress with a smile. That landlord Mr. Bakshi lives a dual life – that of a dutiful father and husband by day and a partner for his lover by night. And that Siddharth who adores his mom a lot while actually he adores her bank balance more. We are all surrounded by lies and our lives have become lies. Empty lies that we keep feeding ourselves each day till the time it starts sounding like truth.

“I am enough” is a statement I keep saying to myself daily only to realize how hollow it sounds with each passing say. I laugh when people say money is the most important thing in life. I have money, good looks, name and fame but no love. And without it life is nothing. Money can buy me a 7 course dinner in a 5 star hotel but it cannot buy me someone to share it with. My name and beauty can get me fame but not someone who will cheer for me with pride. The journey to the top is very enticing and luring but once you reach there you realize how lonely it is here. Not a single soul around you and when you look down you see all strangers waiting to pull you down at the next opportune moment.
There is a law in economics – the law of diminishing need. The first morsel satisfies you more than any other subsequent morsel as after that slowly and gradually your need and hunger starts reducing. But when the hunger is for name, fame and riches this law does not apply. The hunger simply keeps on increasing with each bite. It’s like a never ending abyss where you keep getting sucked deeper and deeper completely unaware of the pull.

I dared to dream and I dared to make them come true at any cost. I think I am better than all those zillions of people who stifle their dreams with the harsh truths of their lives and eventually kill them. Yes I slept around with people to reach where I am today but I never faked my feelings for anyone. In today’s world nobody wants to hear the truth. Lust needs to be camouflaged as love, while need hides behind the armor of friendship. Such lies will be continued to be served till the time there are people who are grabbing each and every available juicy bit of it.

Her chain of thoughts was broken by the shrill ring tone of her cell phone. Reporter Vandana calling- blinked on her screen as she cleared her throat and answered in her famous sexy tone “Hey Vandana…”

“Hey Niharika…wanted to know your comments on today’s article in Bollywood Gossip. It has been written you are seeing your new co-star Abhilash Khanna. Is it true?”

“Whoever said that it’s all rubbish. Must be the enemy camp planting such rumours just before the release of our latest movie so that it affects the box office numbers. We are just good friends.”

“Got is dahling….thanks so much ……..muah…”

Niharika disconnected the call with a sly look as she said aloud “Yet another lie begins….”

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