Changes, Chances and Challenges - 3

By Ruya

Ruya's questions to Me:

  • Other than writing what is the one thing /activity in life without which you cannot live without?


  • If there was a complaint box where you could drop in complaints regarding your life what would you complain about and why?

I would complain about the way life is being treated because it is being taken for granted, relationships have become so fragile, trust so scarce and because of all of this today life is all about unnecessary chaos and confusion.

  • Share a quote/ movie/ song/book that always inspires you.

Quote: If you are crying because the sun has set down, your tears won’t let you see the twinkling stars.

  • What’s your favourite childhood memory?

It would consist of all those wonderful days I spent with my sweet little brother as today we are in different countries and I truly miss him each moment.

  • Name a fictional character you would like to switch lives with and why.

Given a chance I would want to switch lives with Swami of Malgudi days as I completely adore the time he existed in. The simplicity in thoughts and living is impossible to find now.

  • What brightens your mood when you are angry or dejected?

At the cost of sounding narcissist the answer is my blog *giggling*

  • Do you think compromises and adjustments are necessary for relationships to work? Why or why not?

I would say you should till the time it does not come on your self-respect because as it is said “It’s better to lose your ego for a loved one rather than lose a loved one for your ego!”

  • Given a chance to relive one day of your life which one it would be and why?

It would be the day when I received an appreciation mail from a complete stranger (who now is a very dear friend) telling me how she read my entire blog in 4 days and how her life changed after that. I cried a lot that day as I read that mail almost a dozen times to believe it was real. That day is a reminder of something I always wanted to do – touch hearts and spread smiles.

  • What’s your idea of fun?

Spending lot of time with your loved ones doing nothing but talking and giggling nonstop.

  • What’s the qualification for being your perfect guy?

Caring and sensitive- for if someone cannot care and be sensitive towards others feelings that person can never love.

  • If given a chance to take revenge on someone who would they be and how would you do it?

I have read somewhere ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’ and I truly believe in killing by kindness so I don’t have any wicked plans for revenge but yes the list of people is huge – some loved ones and some old friends! The only reason I feel so is they all betrayed me in the name of love, trust and friendship. 

Moving on to Maliny's questions

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