A matter of choice (Flash Fiction)

Life has always been about choices for me. Choose which school to go, whom to befriend, what to wear etc were a miniscule part of the number of choices I made. Time and again I cursed life not realizing that it was all because of the choices I made. I hated life for having given me the worst of the deals time and again. I felt bad I was not the chosen one ever to be bestowed with happiness, only to realize that happiness was right there waiting for me to make yet another choice. I always felt I had no option left except to do what I had done but I was wrong. All the closed doors I had come across were nothing but unlatched doors, just waiting for a push from me. 

When my parents decided to separate I choose my dad. When I fell in love, my father disliked him. So I choose him and left my dad. Only to be told later that he had also made his choice, which was not me. He left me with 2 things – a new life within me and a choice. After a lot of thought I finally made the choice. As death stood there in front of me, waiting for me to make a move, I chose life.

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