I am what I am

Being born as a woman in Indian society comes with a huge list of pros and cons.  Qualifying in the ‘marriageable age’ adds on the list altogether more. No sooner did I qualify for that criteria, I was tagged available in the marriage market. Grooms were being searched and almost every eye that saw me had something or the other to comment either on my looks or my weight. There were millions of thoughts running in my mind during that time, this poem being one of them ~
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I might not have a gorgeous face, but I do have a beautiful soul.
I might not have an hourglass figure, but my caring heart compensates for it.
I might not have drop dead looks, but the warmth I elude makes up for it.
I might not be a style icon, but my cheerful smile still makes heads turn.
I might not be the prettiest face in the crowd to catch your attention, but Me- just the way I am surely makes me worthwhile.
~This is Me~
A dreamer ~ with twinkling eyes.
A child ~ with an impish smile.
A lover~ in love with life.
A soul~ dying to be loved.
A heart ~ hoping with each beat.
A woman~ waiting to be wanted.
Love me or hate me; it does not change me for I am what I am.

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