LOVE – A mystery ~ Part 4

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The story ahead:

10 months later.

Though they had been talking to each other since quite some time, surprisingly both Avinash and Sakshi had never met after that party. None of them even made an attempt as both of them were happy in their virtual world created together. Apart from this they both were scared of the gossip mongers in the office. Avinash did not want anybody to talk cheaply about them. So they both tried their best to keep relationship away from prying eyes. In front of everyone they pretended to be just colleagues and nothing more. However much they wanted to enjoy each other’s company in person they had to be happy with it virtually.
Destiny soon gave them a chance to meet. Their company had bagged a very large deal and there was a celebration for the same this weekend.

Avinash: Hey… all set for the party.

Sakshi: Hmmm…

Avinash: Can we meet?

Sakshi: We are…right?? At the party??

Avinash:  No…I mean. Yes, but not like that. I want to meet you alone for few minutes.

Sakshi (gasped): I didn’t get you.

Avinash: Dumbo you forgot last time I had told you about my favourite place in town. I had promised to take you there.

Sakshi: Ya…..I remember.

Avinash: It’s time for it now.

Sakshi: NOW????? I mean….are you sure?

Avinash: Ya…..what’s wrong??

Sakshi: What if anyone sees us together? You know what I mean…..

Avinash: I do. But don’t worry no one will see us. We need to be there when they raise the toast. Rest each one will get busy afterwards. We will whisk away. I will go before and wait in the parking lot. You can join me there after 10 minutes. We won’t take more than half an hour pakka. No one will notice our absence. Before they notice our absence we will be back. Howzzat??

Sakshi: Sounds good.

Avinash: Ok…done. C u soon!!

Sakshi was on cloud nine. She had been waiting for this moment since such a long time. When she told Khushi she was equally ecstatic about it. “Oh wow… I am sure he wants to propose you. I guess he wanted to know you thoroughly before and take his own time to decide. Don’t think about anything else and just go. I will manage incase anything happens. Sakshi this could be your only chance to make your dream come true. To tell him what you feel and listen what he wants to say. Oh my God it sounds so romantic…” Khushi could not stop gushing. 

They both decided that Sakshi should gift him something as this was their first meeting. After spending close to 3 hours in the gift shop they finally decided upon a mug which had a message written on it;

“It’s better to be hated for what you are; then to be loved for what you are not.”

Sakshi wrote on it, “You are truly cherished for what you are.” Her heart pushed her to write Love, Sakshi but her mind debated it. What if she got it all wrong?  Is this love really? She found herself asking such questions again and again. Thinking about the possibility itself brought tears to her eyes. Holding back her tears she decided to stay neutral and signed the mug as From, Sakshi.

Khushi seemed to be more excited than her. She wanted a minute to minute update about their meeting and had made Sakshi promise to share everything with her.  They both could not sleep that night and spent the entire talking about the meeting and other possibilities which could happen there. Somewhere in the wee hours of morning they both caught up on some sleep for sometime before beginning the preparations for the party. After all today was a big day and they both wanted Sakshi to look her best. After Khushi was satisfied with the output they left for the venue.

To be continued....In next Sunday Scribblings

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