Failure & Deceit ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Failure

In anything that you do there are two outputs possible – success and failure. Success is always good as you feel your hard work is rewarded. And failure leaves you with a lesson of how not to do things. But somehow in today’s world success is easily forgotten but your failures always haunt you. People choose to celebrate your failure longer than your success.

Initially I used to hate it when my success was forgotten in minutes and failure was remembered for days. But then I thought this is human tendency to do something which requires the least effort. In applauding for someone one needs to smile and raise hands to clap; while to crib they just need to use their mouths.

So I also thought why not choose the easiest option available to deal with this. As we all know it takes more muscles to frown than it takes to smile. No prizes for guessing what I choose to do. A word of caution though, practicing this might also result into leaving the opposite person confused.  I used the policy of fake it till you make it. And today I am able to face failures with equal elan that I face success with.

Lesson Learnt: Failures are like bumps on the smooth road of life. Never let them deter your journey, just slow down for a bit as you pass over it.


PEPPER ~ This week ~ Deceit

In a recent internet browsing I came across a word ‘Face Book depression’. Now this was something new to be. The curious cat is me made me do a detailed research on this new found disease. This disease is caused after seeing good and happy pictures of others on Face Book. The patients then compare their lives with them and feel depressed on seeing the shambles their lives are in. And we thought technology was a boon. Maybe when this was invented none of us even thought about this possibility at all. We all were so excited about being able to connect with long lost friends and classmates that perhaps we over looked this minor glitch.

For the first time after reading this I tried looking for people whom I know on FB just to test how it feels. And what I saw startled me. First I saw the profile of an ex-colleague of mine with lovely family pictures. He had recently celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary with a huge party and the photographs were splashed all across. So many likes and comments on them followed from all their well wishers. Yes I did feel bad after seeing this, but for a different reason. He has been having a steady affair with someone in his office for the last 3 years.  Sniggering? Don’t till you read further. Someone whom I know has recently got married with a huge pomp few months back. The trouble has already begun in their paradise with the couple sleeping in separate bed rooms now. But that does not deter them from posting mushy comments on each others’ walls. I wonder whom are we fooling here - Ourselves or the world?

Lesson Learnt : As it is said the grass is always greener on the other side. But only the owner of the garden knows the menace of insects that greenery brings along with.  Be happy about what you have and are as it is better to be smiled upon than be ridiculed upon.


  1. Beautiful post as always!! I love your definition of failure. It is so true. I would call it a hard lesson. It makes me think of when a teacher has to teach his student a difficult lesson and he asks them to focus on the explanation, to stay calm, slow down, and think, listen and learn. Those are the difficulties in life and if we just open our hearts we would rely on our teachers explanation and guidance and we wouldn't go through it alone.
    About Face Book depression, I know many persons who really suffer from comparing themselves to others on FB, and what I always tell them is to look beyond those images and status, to look for the truth

    1. Thank you so much Nikky :)

      You have given such a beautiful description of a teacher's learning here, its really heartwarming. Oh how I wish people would just do that on seeing happy faces on FB!

  2. Yes, I do wonder why we tend to dwell on our failures and not successes. But like you said, we mustn't let them slow us down. About the Facebook depression, I like you, rather get a laugh with some people's attempts to paint themselves as having a wonderful life!

    1. Very true Corinne ...I wish more and more of us would think like this :)

  3. Oh I love this! Beautiful reflections, Privy! :-)

    I discovered from my own experiences that I learn more from failure than success. It taught me the meaning of patience, perseverance, and the best lesson I learned is humility. And I think the sweetest victory is the one that comes after so many failures. :-)

    And I can definitely relate to that facebook depression! How true that it makes me hate my life when I see all those happy pictures. But then, why do I have to compare my life to their life? And then I feel better hehe :-)

    Happy weekend and God bless! :-)

    1. Thanks so much Irene.

      So truly said we learn many things from our failure and humility is undoubtedly the best lesson.I simply loved your attitude :)

      Wishing you the same dear...!!

  4. If I were to dwell on my failures, I would never come out of the abyss of darkness. I almost didn't for a while, then like you suggested I turned it upside down, oh yes I have my moments, but I don't let anyone else determine when they are.

    I could never gauge my life by other folks on facebook, but I can see how it could unfortunately be a problem for someone who has not learned to love themselves as they are. the deceit practiced by so many is determinedly sad.

    Hats off to you for writing and sharing this...<3<3<3

    1. Wonderful words Jan, we do have our moments but what is important is that you don't let anyone else take control of your life. Sadly there are many people around us choose to depict a false life many times just to be 'accepted' by people around them.

      Thank you so much for such beautiful words, am touched !

  5. Failure and deceit so very well put together...

  6. loved your peppery jottings; will do a lot of good if we know how to take things with a pinch of salt. Grass is indeed greener on the other side but we should also not forget that it must have taken a lot of struggle for anyone to reach the enviable position he/she is in !

    1. No doubt about it - we need to appreciate someone's efforts; good or bad is another story altogether ;)

      Thanks so much for being here!

  7. Nice read..
    Failures : Recently facing it learning to get out of it.And this article of yours added value to my findings
    Deceit : Very well laid out !!

    1. Thanks.... I am glad my post could add value to your findings. Looking forward to read yours soon!

  8. Oh, it's just wonderful !! .. I love the way you take things to a deeper level and analyse it(and not to mention your writing skill- it's always beautiful)
    The "lesson learnt" part of "Pepper" segment is so true. People often give a fake impressions over facebook. Many conceal their real selves and portray only the glitz and glamour.
    Like the way you bring forward a new post blended with a lesson in each one of them.... looking forward to every post of yours...

    1. I feel life is all about learning something new each day - could be both good and bad. Thank you so much for such sweet words of appreciation.

      It feels good to hear that ;)

  9. Interesting!

    People are actually living a double life on fb!
    It surely gives short term fulfillment, but one should not live in illusions.
    And so rightly put, success is very easily forgotten whereas failures linger on for long.. but its about what we learn from them..

    As the famous song "i'm Yours' goes...
    "i reckon its again my turn, to win some or learn some " ;)

    1. Very true. We learn from our failures how to deal with everything in our life including success :)

      Lovely song...thanks for sharing!

  10. Failure:

    you have given the secret of Life...a person who can live with the sorrows equally as the happiness means that person has gone over the miniature human emotions and is least effected by success and failures...and only thing that comes up is your goal towards life...!!!


    i believe facebook or any social networking sites are showcasing the reel life and not the real life as they are not for showing what we are as no body is interested in our demise as such you cannot show your real self in any social will find tonnes of those who would be your side when happiness surrounds you...but the same doesn't hold good for sorrows...and your words perfectly suits here....the fields always looks greener on the other sides...

    exceptional way of depicting your points...liked it a lot :)

    1. That is the way life has taught us to lead. It is very important to do this to keep yourself charged up in order to continue the journey without letting the failures upset you.

      You are very right about facebook I also kind of detest it for the same reasons as you mentioned.


      Thanks, I am happy that you liked it and agree with it too.

  11. LOL :D You know I don't know why I am smiling like anything right now at this hour after reading this post :D. Sorry for that. I got laugh that how precisely and in a simple words you have put up things has amazed me here. The theory of FB depression. Greener grass on other side,etc.

    Failure: To be honest I have also felt the same. If you fail once then it would be remembered for a longer time and people will come to crib you almost daily and if you have success then it will be for short-lived for people around you. And many a times I feel do they really feel happy in your success or is just a sweet face they are showing to us ?

    Deceit: This is one of the reason I don't like it because people pretend a lot there what they are not. And you are right in saying to whom actually they are making fool there to themselves for me :). I have always given a thought to it that grass is always greener on other side only gardener knows about it no one else. That's why when people give their advices or opinions without asking seems very different to me. I also felt you can't give advice to someone because you really don't know about it or understand it as better as bearer.

    WOW!! so many comments. I feel from this Salt and Pepper your series have started coming into limelight :)

    But yes this Salt and Pepper was crisp, salty and full of pepper ;)

    1. Ha ha ha :D

      Now that you mention when I read it I was also laughing!

      That was some tongue-in-cheek humour - hai na???

      I don't know if they were ever in limelight for I write all that I feel.. :)


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