Failure & Deceit ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Failure

In anything that you do there are two outputs possible – success and failure. Success is always good as you feel your hard work is rewarded. And failure leaves you with a lesson of how not to do things. But somehow in today’s world success is easily forgotten but your failures always haunt you. People choose to celebrate your failure longer than your success.

Initially I used to hate it when my success was forgotten in minutes and failure was remembered for days. But then I thought this is human tendency to do something which requires the least effort. In applauding for someone one needs to smile and raise hands to clap; while to crib they just need to use their mouths.

So I also thought why not choose the easiest option available to deal with this. As we all know it takes more muscles to frown than it takes to smile. No prizes for guessing what I choose to do. A word of caution though, practicing this might also result into leaving the opposite person confused.  I used the policy of fake it till you make it. And today I am able to face failures with equal elan that I face success with.

Lesson Learnt: Failures are like bumps on the smooth road of life. Never let them deter your journey, just slow down for a bit as you pass over it.


PEPPER ~ This week ~ Deceit

In a recent internet browsing I came across a word ‘Face Book depression’. Now this was something new to be. The curious cat is me made me do a detailed research on this new found disease. This disease is caused after seeing good and happy pictures of others on Face Book. The patients then compare their lives with them and feel depressed on seeing the shambles their lives are in. And we thought technology was a boon. Maybe when this was invented none of us even thought about this possibility at all. We all were so excited about being able to connect with long lost friends and classmates that perhaps we over looked this minor glitch.

For the first time after reading this I tried looking for people whom I know on FB just to test how it feels. And what I saw startled me. First I saw the profile of an ex-colleague of mine with lovely family pictures. He had recently celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary with a huge party and the photographs were splashed all across. So many likes and comments on them followed from all their well wishers. Yes I did feel bad after seeing this, but for a different reason. He has been having a steady affair with someone in his office for the last 3 years.  Sniggering? Don’t till you read further. Someone whom I know has recently got married with a huge pomp few months back. The trouble has already begun in their paradise with the couple sleeping in separate bed rooms now. But that does not deter them from posting mushy comments on each others’ walls. I wonder whom are we fooling here - Ourselves or the world?

Lesson Learnt : As it is said the grass is always greener on the other side. But only the owner of the garden knows the menace of insects that greenery brings along with.  Be happy about what you have and are as it is better to be smiled upon than be ridiculed upon.

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