A New Day ~ A New Way

Sometimes it happens in life we reach a dead end. At such times we need to remember there is always a new way waiting to be explored which could be the one leading to our goals. Each day comes to us with a new opportunity - perhaps an answer to My Quest:

Source: Google Images
A new day is here;
beckoning me with its warm sun rays.
I see a bird soaring high in the sky reminding me of the journeys I am yet to take.
A gentle breeze brushes my hair asking me to forget THEN and live NOW
The tiny dew drop on the grass makes me feel the love I am surrounded with.
I look around to feel at peace as I am about to embark on a new journey~
To know the unknown and see the unseen.
The glorious sun light carves a new way for me inviting me on its shimmering path;
A new way is here......

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