As you walk away.....

Every relationship has its own share of bitter sweet memories where we love, we fight, we argue, we make up and sometimes we part ways only to come back together again. There are some arguments which make our relationship stronger but then there are some which take us away from our loved ones. At such times we make various attempts to bring our loves ones back. One such attempt by me:

My life,

I know you are shocked to see a letter from me. I have not done this to offend you and I hope you will understand that I did not have any other choice to make myself heard. Off late I feel things have changed between us. There is something missing causing a rift. I tried talking to you so many times giving subtle hints but you would not hear me. I was left with no option but to write this letter to you.

You remember the day we first spoke to each other? It was sheer magic. Since then there was no looking back. Each day was like a new canvas for us – waiting to be painted with our vivid imagination. We spent so many nights gazing at the stars thinking about the vast possibilities that lay before us. We shared innumerable dreams giving a patient listening to each and every detail of it. Every new step was taken firmly holding hands. You spoke while I heard and you heard while I spoke – everything was so blissful.  We had a long path before us in this beautiful journey of life to be covered. That was then…..

Today I find you standing miles away from me.   We barely talk to each other. I suddenly feel I have been living with a stranger till now. Neither do you express your thoughts like before nor do you listen to mine. It is as if my thoughts don’t matter to you anymore. You suddenly seemed to have developed a new school of thoughts where I am not allowed to enter. Though I am not able to put my finger on the exact reason I know for sure there is something wrong.

My heart cries each night wanting to ask you why?? What have I done to deserve this? Why is that you have chosen to ignore me like this? I know your reply would be ‘There is nothing like that. It is all your imagination.’ But if that is true, then can you please tell me why you were not able to face me today morning? Why did you have to avert my gaze and leave the room in haste? And I am sure this was not my imagination.

I don’t blame you for all this as this is what success does to people. I think you have gone far ahead in this race leaving me somewhere far behind.  I just want to tell you that I don’t want any riches or fame. I just want peace of mind and contentment of soul to share with you. I guess that is not too much to ask for. 

You know our existence is meaningless without each other. We are incomplete in ourselves without the other. Please don’t do this to me…please...Come back before it is too late. I cannot afford to lose you to this big bad world. I am scared to even think of what all could happen further. I fear I will perish if this were to continue for long. I am sorry if all this hurts you but I could not help myself from making one last attempt to get you back.
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Waiting for you with bated breath as every tear pierces my soul;
Waiting for you to come back and make me whole.

                                                                                                                                 ~Your Soul

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