My Happiness List

We all have few days in life where we feel low without any reason. Everything seems to be stuck and stagnant making us irritated. Whenever I am going through such days I make a happiness list – a list of things that make me smile despite all odds. This helps me count my blessings and is an immediate mood changer. 
My happiness list for today:
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  • I am hale and hearty (TOUCHWOOD!!)
  •  I have a job
  • Hope lives in my heart
  • I am loved for what I am by a selected few people around me.
  • I achieved all the goals I had set for 2011 (Double Touchwood !!) and I have set small but meaningful goals for 2012 too.
  • I have began to take baby steps towards the biggest dream of my life.
  • I know for sure I can and I will make a difference.
  • I am able to give the gift of smiles to many people around me.
  • Though currently I am besieged by the grey clouds I can clearly see the silver lining amongst them. I am surrounded by some wonderful books and CDs which remind me that no matter what this too shall pass while I hold my horses tight and enjoy this ride.
Try doing this for yourself once....Its an instant mood changer!!

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