Listen & Feel ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Listen

Sometimes it feels so great to be alive, while sometimes we just wish we never existed at all; such a harsh contrast for someone who is known as God’s most wonderful creation. He created the whole world but we human are different for He gave us mind. Our minds, the very thing that sets us apart from all the other living creatures on earth can actually be called the root cause of all the problems. We think, we analyze, we understand and we interpret – all with this mind. Like every action has a reaction it’s these very thoughts which lead to all other reactions like anger, jealousy and hatred. For every culprit there is a victim out there. And behind all those smiling faces there is a tear being stifled somewhere. Question – Is anyone listening to them?

Lesson Learnt: It is important to give a voice to our feelings. And it is equally important to hear that voice when someone Else's heart is giving it out.


PEPPER ~ This week ~ Feel

Life is so mysterious. We meet someone, we love someone, and we get attached. When that person dies or goes away we feel life has come to a halt. It does – only for some time. After sometime life really goes on. Maybe a part of us dies with that person but we are still alive.

We cry for a few days, lament our grief but somehow we get the strength to go on. It is something like WBC which stops the oozing of blood from our wounds. Maybe we have something like that to stop our tears as well. We think we will never get over this but we still do…we think we will die but we live…we think we cannot love but we do to be hurt again…..

Lesson Learnt :Nothing is forever. Neither pain nor joy.


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