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After the initial euphoria, everything seems to lose its charm suddenly. You do something new in your life and you are excited about it for a while. But then after sometime the same thing looks dreary to you and you yearn for change.

You meet someone, sparks fly and you conclude you are in love. After being in the relationship for some time you suddenly realize that the relationship lacks the charm it had initially. The spark is gone and it now becomes a burden for you to carry around. It is said that,” Change is the only thing constant in life”, but does this hold true even for relationships? And if it is so, then why do we say Love is forever?

Change is perhaps the eternal truth of our lives. If we are scared of changing we are scared of living. Everything changes. We change, with age the way we look changes, our tastes change, our thoughts and beliefs change, with various inventions and discoveries the world around us has changes. The best part is despite all these changes we smile when we look at them reminiscing about the good old times comparing the new with them mentally.

Then why in relationships when people change we change our feelings towards them. Why don’t we accept their change also with a smile? Why do we conclude they have changed beyond recognition and walk away from them with a feeling of hatred? Why don’t we think for a moment are we still the same??

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