Love & Pain ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~Love

During this week I was particularly stressed at work due to the increase in work load. Adding to it the rising temperatures coupled with frequent power-cuts had left me irritated as hell. One particular day as I was battling all this with a migraine I got a call from a long lost friend. I was surprised as I remembered she being on a holiday with her family. I answered the call praying it was not a bad news. Our conversation went on something like this:
Me: Hello...
She: Hiiiiii ( cheerfully) I am just below your office. Can you come down for 2 minutes?
Me: (In a worried tone) Are you OK? What happened?
She: Arre....come down. Will explain everything.

I excused myself for a while and started getting down the stairs as mentally I was cursing my friend for making me feel so tense and not telling me what happened. Momentarily I even forgot that I had a throbbing headache. Having reached the parking lot I started staring at the direction of the incoming traffic expecting my friend when I suddenly sensed someone calling out my name. As I turned around I saw my friend running towards me with her arms spread wide open and a huge grin on her face.Before I could understand what was happening she hugged me tightly. She held me like that for quite sometime to the utter dismay of the onlookers. Though I was feeling embarrassed, I was kind of enjoying it. She loosened her grip slowly and kissed my forehead. She took my hands in her hers and said, ' I don't know why I felt that you needed this today. Don't worry everything will be fine soon. Take care and remember I am always just a phone call away in case you need me. ' Saying this she hugged me tightly once more and left me abruptly as she had come giving some vague reasons of having to getting late to reach somewhere.

She left me feeling a zillion times better than I had ever felt. I was deeply touched by her this gesture and looked up to thank Him for blessing me with such an unexpected shower of love.

Lesson Learnt: Love is one of the strongest emotions in this world. No hurt can win against a warm hug ,no tear can triumph over a loving smile and no worries can face a tender kiss. No storm can withstand the sheer power of love.


PEPPER ~ This week ~ Pain

However much I dislike the tag I need to accept that my nickname within my family in Ms. Accident Prone. I seem to meet with accidents like meeting old friends,bumping into them at any nook or corner. Like my mother likes to say, not a single part of my body has been spared the bother of being in a bandage. Out of all the accidents I have met with (Believe me the number is huge!!) the two which I remember the most are the ones on my leg and right hand. Majorly because they lasted the longest and partly because they made me do things I never thought I would.

In real life however we all would be dependent - financially on parents, emotionally on loved one but physically we would never want to be. Unfortunately this is what these two accidents did to me. Overnight my movements were restricted and I was confined to my bed. I was feeling frustrated but had resigned myself thinking there is no other way out of this. But what followed was an entirely different story altogether. I saw myself trying to knock and open different doors inside me which otherwise I would never have. 

I love dancing which I could not do in this state. One day my reflection caught my attention in a hand mirror and my dance teacher's words rung in my ears, 'Your foot work is beautiful. Work on your expressions.' Thats exactly what I did. I would play songs and emote them on my face. By the time my injury was healed my expressions had improved too. While my right hand was injured I could not write. But then I found out the virtual keyboard on the computer and within no time mastered writing through it. I learnt many things in this period like doing my hair using only my index finger and middle finger and also eating with left hand.

By saying all this I am not showing my greatness, on the contrary I am showing my vulnerability. One incident turns our life Topsy-turvy and it requires so much of an effort to see the brighter side of it. I enjoyed the learning I got during this time as it introduced me to a different myself. We truly take so many things in our life for granted.

Lesson Learnt : Adversities are there in life to teach us something or sometimes to just introduce us to a hidden talent with us.

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