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Daily there are thousands of posts returning undelivered for various reasons like door locked, party shifted, no such addressee etc. This also happens in our personal life. Daily we send thousands of thoughts, prayers, wishes, feelings, hopes and words across to people around us. But many of them return undelivered to us as the receiver’s minds refuse to accept them. One such cry of hope from a daughter’s heart which unfortunately was returned undelivered:

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Dear Maa,

Today as the world celebrates an occasion dedicated to mothers, I want to confess something to you.
Remember the day when I was all of 10 and I had come running to you crying hysterically. I wanted to tell you about that Uncle Maa…who used to touch me at wrong places. You thought I was imagining things. You hit me on my hands as you felt this was due to over exposure of stupid movies. You assumed I did not know how to behave myself and did not speak to me for two days as a punishment. I cried a lot and apologized to you so that you would speak to me again Maa. You forgave me with a promise that I will not cook up such stories again. I promised and hugged you tightly. 

That night I buried that child in me…… 

I grew up and had my first crush. I felt love for the first time which was always missing between you and dad. You detested him while I loved him madly. I had managed to secure admission to my dream course. You threatened me. I relented and asked you to let me study promising to forget that boy. You broke the pact Maa….and I could never pursue my dream course ever again. 

That night I buried those dreams in me…..

As I grew up and it was time for my marriage you thought I was a shrew who needed to be tamed. You never heard my pleas that all I ever wanted was love and care. You found a ‘perfect match’ for me; an educated person with decent income for whom I was only a source of entertainment. The day I got married you were beaming with joy as your dream had come true.

That night I buried the heart in me…….

I underwent many things but according to you it was my fault. You felt your upbringing had failed. You thought I was too stubborn to accommodate and adjust. Despite seeing my condition you sent me back that day loaded with lots of advice on how to please my husband and in-laws.

That night I buried the soul in me…..

I was happy when I got the ‘good news’. I was excited to bring a new life in this world. For me it was a soul – for others it was a gender. That day they decided to kill that soul while I lay blissfully unaware. When I woke up everything was over.

That night I buried the woman in me…..

Maa… this dying in bits and pieces has exhausted me completely. There is nothing more left in me. I can only see a dark tunnel in the name of the future as I stretch my neck to look forward to those beautiful tomorrows you spoke about always. It takes a mammoth effort from me each day to survive and today there is no more strength left in me. 

Tonight I quit as I bury the remnants in me….


Your loving daughter.

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