LOVE – A mystery ~ Part 3

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The story ahead:

6 months later.

Sakshi: So…how was your weekend? What did you do?

Avinash: It was good. Went for a movie – Wake up Sid.

Sakshi: Wow…nice movie. I loved it. Sply Konkana’s house in it. I always wanted a house like that. How did you find the movie?

Avinash: I enjoyed it. It’s a beautiful house. Same pinchJ I also want a house like that with a girl like her, strong and independent. You know she reminds me of you a lot.

Sakshi was dumbstruck for a moment. Regaining her composure she wrote:
Sakshi: Thanks for the compliment :)

Avinash: No I seriously mean it. Any guy would be very lucky to get married to someone like you.

Sakshi could actually hear Gunjasa hai koi iktara…playing in the background for her when her heart once again dared to ask her “Am I in Love? Sakshi decided to leave this question unanswered for the mystery to reveal itself to her.

In the past 6 months their friendship had grown leaps and bounds. They had some rules to abide by like no sorry no thank you, where every sorry or thank you meant a chocolate. Some days Sakshi would find a box of chocolates waiting for her in the morning when she reached her desk with a note;
Ab tak ka hisaab barabar :)"

Till now Khushi was a silent observer to all this and finally one day decided to confront Sakshi. Unable to hide things any further Sakshi told her everything and even showed her the chat scripts they had exchanged. In typical Sherlock Holmes style Khushi was lost in deep thought for few moments before exclaiming, “You are in love. I mean you both are. Look at these chat scripts man. It’s all there in black and white. You would be blind and dumb to not see it”. 

Khushi advised Sakshi to propose Avinash. Sakshi was scared and said she wanted Avinash to make the first move as she did not want to lose a good friend. Khushi argued a lot with her but agreed in the end threatening her that incase it gets too much for her she might things in her own hands. And then she would not want to be blamed for the consequences.  Sakshi started laughing looking at her. Khushi also joined her in laughing. Suddenly she hugged her and said, “I am very happy for you. I am sure Avinash will keep you very happy and I can feel he truly loves you. I think he is waiting for the right time to propose you. Oh….I am sooooo happy I can’t tell you.” Saying this she hugged her again tightly much to the surprise of Sakshi.

To be continued....In next Sunday Scribblings

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