Angels – Made in Heaven

Angels are those cute little winged creatures with a halo on their heads. They are very helpful and loving by nature. They also have a characteristic of being magical; just a glimpse of them makes you smile and forget all the troubles. If you are lucky enough to go to heaven after your death you will definitely be surrounded by them. But not many of us know that even while we are on earth- very much alive we are surrounded by them. No I am not talking about our imagination. I am talking of reality. Yep!!! We all have a special category of people in our lives when we can actually call as “angels”.

Though their halo and wings are invisible, their other characteristics are very much there. They are magical in nature and they seem to have solution to all our problems. Their helpful and loving nature makes us feel blessed to be alive and special to have them in our life. I must confess I am very lucky to have such wonderful angels in my life and I am fiercely protective about them. I just love being around them as they have the powers to make me forget my worries with their smiles even if it just momentary. Just a hug from them gives me all the strength to face any storm bravely. 

I will tell you another fact; these “angels” are not aware about their magical abilities and therefore are very ignorant of the charm they spread around. But I don’t leave a single chance to acknowledge the gift that I have got in form of them and try to make them feel very special. This is my way of saying “Thanks …for being there!!!”

Are you looking out for your angels??

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