Lost & Found

“Romeo…oh my Romeo…where art thou?” said Juliet in the famous play Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. Little did he know in the 21st century these words would take the literal form but in the opposite context? Today’s Romeo and Juliet are busy searching their own selves’ neck deep in relationships.

Thanks to the progress in each sphere each one of us has been gifted with an “individualistic mindset”. It is race between the fittest individual who is able to fine tune others to meet their requirements.

Holding hands, looking into each other’s eye to say….I do……the entire feeling itself is so beautiful it is difficult to describe it aptly in words. A new life, w new beginning sounds exciting initially. Once the newness wears off we fall into a routine where everything loses its sheen.

Our monotonous jobs and mundane routine steals the charm from our lives. And one fine day when we see ourselves in the mirror we no longer recognize ourselves. After a long bitter battle of denial and self introspection we conclude we are “lost”. We are no longer our earlier self and however much we try we are unable to get back to our usual selves.

We are still in the marriage continuing to carry its weight on us. We are in a state of denial for some time trying to camouflage it with various reasons like age, stress etc. And suddenly it strikes us that it is all this and more. At such times it is very important to keep yourself under control. It becomes inevitable to continue losing oneself. It requires great deal of courage to accept I AM LOST. And the solution to this problem lies in the problem itself.  Confused? Don’t be. Let me simplify it for you.

Whenever you feel you are lost, remember the following things:

I – Include you in your TO-DO list. Take some “ME” time off anytime during the day to spend time with  yourself.
A – Adapt a new hobby
M – Make new friends and meet old friends often
L – Laugh, live and love – MORE!!!!
O- Overlook the minor nitty-gritty’s of life which take away the beauty from the bigger and better things
S – Say NO to stress
T – Talk openly because sharing is caring.

After following these simple steps, Happy Finding yourself!!!

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