Magical Hugs

Did you know that you need 12 hugs a day to stay healthy? Every time you hug someone you pass on your positivity. There is something about the human touch which is extra ordinary. It touches our deeper self creating ripples within us. It is a very special experience beyond description. 

There are instances where we are feeling very low and bogged down by the circumstances around us. All that we can wish for is a tight hug from a loved one just to make us feel good as if to say “Everything will be fine.” A hug has the magical ability to perk us up within moments of receiving it. This was even endorsed by none other than Sanjay Dutt in the movie “Munnabhai” fondly addressing it as Jaddu ki Jhappi. And yes definitely it is Jaddu.

During sickness a medicine gives us immediate relief, similarly when we are emotionally sick a hug can make us feel better. You never know what wonders your hug could do for a person. I hug all my friends and family every time I meet them. Many don’t reciprocate and are cold towards it. But that does not deter me from hugging them because those cold vibes are associated with our age old belief of not liking PDA [Public Display of Affection].

I feel each one of us needs to know we are loved and cared for, hence the necessity of PDA. I believe by hugging them I am expressing my love towards them and believe me in the 3rd or 4th meeting they not only respond to my hugs but also look forward to them. Didn’t I tell you before its jaadu?? Its highly contagious, some infection we all could do with :)

Let’s begin a hugging spree to spread this infection like wildfire!

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