Seasons of love

Winter season comes not only with cold waves and chilly nights, but it also brings around a wonderful atmosphere where love is in the air. I am not saying this because the biggest festival for all lovers Valentine’s Day falls in this season. I am saying this because in this season due to the cold weather you feel lazy and the only thing you can think of is hot chocolate and a warm blanket. The idea of having a loved one for company is definitely tempting though!

Come summer and all you can think of is ice cream and floaters for company. How about taking a walk on pleasant summer evening by the seaside, under the stars hand in hand with your sweetheart?

Welcome the colourful spring by bringing in the colour of joy, love and laughter in your life with your partner in a simple long drive along the country side admiring the breath-taking beauty of nature and reminiscing about the good old times. 

Get wet in the rain of love in monsoon. Let your parched soul be drenched in the shower of love. Nothing can perk up an otherwise dull day like a wonderful smile accompanied with a warm tight hug just to say, “I love you.”

Be it any season you can always celebrate the most beautiful occasion “Love” with your loved one because they are the reason for celebration.

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