A purr…rrr…….rrfect world.

I feel that “perfect” is the most misused term in English dictionary. There can’t be one definition of perfection. For arguments sake one could say nothing is perfect in this world. On other thoughts if I let my thinking horses run wild and put on my rose tinted glass I might be able to see a perfect world
A world where there is no jealousy or hatred, where we all co-exist with respect for each other ; a place where we are all surrounded by mutual love and trust. We are able to voice out our opinions fearlessly. We are not scared to say of who we are, which caste of community we belong to. We respect the values and beliefs of each one.

We are not under any social pressure to outdo each other in pleasing everyone. We do things because we want to and not because we need to. We are helpful without any expectation in return.

We don’t judge people and accept the as they are unconditionally. There are no shortcuts only pure hard work and passion. Where every I resonates “we” and the concept of “I, me and myself” is demolished forever. A place where are surrounded by joy and enthusiasm rather than greed and malice. Where we gift smiles and live in a joyous world. 

That’s my perfect world….but there is something amiss…wait…..a ha… now that I remove my pink glasses the world is back to normal .As such perfection can exist maybe only in my dreams. I wish this dream of mine could come true someday…..

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