Profit or Loss

Every time we come across something difficult, even before trying it the first thing that comes to our mind is “Will I lose anything if I try it? What is the harm in trying it? On facing defeat our immediate reaction begins with I lost….ending with adjectives like my trust, faith, strength, will power or my zest.

I think we all are wrong. Every time we try something new we lose something – our fear. Fear is the only thing at stake to be lost otherwise we only stand to gain. We gain experience and a lesson of what doesn’t work.

Losing your fear is one of the best things that can happen to any of us. Somewhere deep down we all want to conquer our innermost fears and overcome them. Trying something new gives us a chance to exactly do the same. Then why are we so scared of trying something new? Rather we should look forward to such experience with lot of excitement. We should be eager to learn and discover new ways of doing things. At the same time we should also remember not to take those failures to heart. Remember every NO stands for a New Opportunity which is just lurking around the corner.

Don’t forget this whenever you face a NO, be ready to take the plunge and lose your fear!!

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