The Shining Armour

I am sure all of us would agree to the fact that we are surrounded with few people who have a tendency to hurt us very frequently. But the million dollar question is “What do we do about it?” The answer is simple – wear armour.

Yup you got me right. Wear armour just like the one soldier’s used to wear in battle fields during olden days. The motive is still the same. They used to wear it to protect themselves from any battle wounds. And we need to wear is to safeguard ourselves from the hurt being inflicted by the sharp words of bad behavior of other people. It sounds such a wonderful solution to a serious problem. Trust me I have practiced this and it works. E very day before I begin my day I stand in front of the mirror and say,

I choose to stay unaffected by all the negativity that people choose to bestow on me

I say this three before leaving my house for work. I don’t know somehow reciting this magically gives me an inner strength. It manifests into an invisible armour surrounding me and protects me from any wounds. Any number of arguments, harsh words of hatred / jealousy, base-less fights, blame-game, finger pointing is not able to pass through this. I spend the entire day with a smile knowing that I am protected and well taken care of. I no longer need to worry about those negativity bugs which have the capacity to pull me down from time to time.

The next time you see me on the streets with all bling-bling; you know what’s shining!!

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