Soul Family

 Most of us are lucky enough to be surrounded by loving family members consisting of parents, siblings, grand-parents, distant cousins etc. Some of us are even luckier to have parents, siblings other than the biological ones. We are connected to them through the heart, sharing a very deep bond. I like to call them my soul family.

This name because I feel I share a beautiful connection with them which from the souls. Our souls are able to find a common ground to be bound by an invisible chord full of genuine love and affection. I have a soul mother, a soul brother and a soul sister. I am very close to all of them and though we are not blood relatives what holds us together is equally stronger – love. Not for a single moment have I felt like an outsider and I am sure neither have they. We co-exist like any other family members sharing joys and tears all in one go…….

It is these small aspects of life which add spice to the otherwise dull routine. Imagine you have more birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate; not to forget more gifts which you might get on your birthday. It’s like having a second home for you with the same warmth and affection.

Thanks to all these people I have never felt lonely in my life as I am always surrounded by their fun, frolic and laughter. 

I am very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. Are you??

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