Life’s lessons

Life has a beautiful way of teaching us some of the most wonderful lessons which help us lead happy lives. Though at the first they might not be visible to the naked eye when watched closely they are very much there all around us, eager to share their stories with us. I sat and analyzed how the minutest activity of our day to day life has so much to teach us. The list is purely amazing:

Getting up every day   : Waking up each day symbolizes hope. It denotes that whatever wrongs you had done yesterday you have a chance to undo yesterday you have a chance to undo it and make an attempt to do it better. A plain canvas has been presented to you to fill it with vibrant colours of life.

    Dress up:  We need to put our best side for display to people. Be it clothes, thoughts, actions or simply our expressions. It just simply means, “Put your BEST side forward.”

Rush to meet deadlines: Life is a race; as Darwin said, “Survival of the fittest”. So you need to keep up running to stay in the race and eventually the victory is yours.

Leisure time: For every plant sunlight and water are its food as it survives on it. But if you add manure to it the plant will blossom more beautifully. In the same way our hobbies and our loved ones are like manure for our soul. With them our lives will always be full of flowers of happiness.

 Food: We all know how important food is as a component to stay alive. Like ways reading books, doing physical exercise, meditation etc are the food for our soul, mind and body to enrich its growth in the right direction.

Going to bed at night: With all the running around in our lives   we also need rest to gather energy to keep chasing our goals.

Sleep: While there is a time to act, there is also a time to dream Dreams are the base for new goals to be generated. And these new goals become the fuel for our lives.

I am still searching for more such lessons…… are you??

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