What if everything had a price tag?

On a lazy afternoon I was whiling away my time by surfing channels. After a while I was feeling very sleeping and I dozed off on the living room couch. As I drifted away to a dreamland I saw myself standing outside a huge mall. It was beautifully lit with very attractive hoardings and advertisements which were luring.

But……what is this?? Oh my God!! Instead of the usual apparels, jewellery, games, groceries and other such stuff the hoardings were for friends, siblings, parents and grandparents. I am sure you are as bewildered as I was. Sample one of the hoardings:

A wonderful confidant and cheerful companion

Get yourself a friend for only Rs. XXXX

The other one said something about siblings. In a state of utter confusion I immediately dialled the number of my best friend. When the call got connected, I could not believe my ears:

To talk to the person you are trying to reach please input your credit card number after the beep. The applicable charges will be xxx/ minute……

Before the automated voice could continue further I disconnected the call. I was in utter dismay, unable to accept what was happening around me. Then suddenly I got an idea. I decided to go visit my friend in person to clear the confusion. I started running towards my friends place. Very soon I was running out of breath but I continued till at last I could see her house. I rushed towards her main door and started banging it frantically. I was screaming at the top of my voice, calling her name, asking her to open the door when…..THUDDD……. I fell down on the floor.

I realised I was only dreaming. What a sigh of relief. I immediately grabbed my mobile phone lying on the nearby table and dialed my friend. I could only imagine the shock in her voice when I said, “You don’t know how happy I am that you answered my call. Thanks yaar!” She asked me, “Are you ok?” What are you saying?” I just mumbled something and hung up.

I realised what a horrible nightmare was that. Imagine having to pay to speak to a friend or hug your sibling. There are so many simple pleasures of life which we take for granted. Now every time I grumble about something, the first thought that comes to my mind is” What if everything had a price tag?” and after that everything just falls into place. Amazing na…!!!

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