Random Thoughts

Remember the last time you were sick and the doctor had advised you some colourful pills as medicine. The pills seem to be so bitter in taste leaving a horrible after taste in the mouth. Did that make us discontinue that? Definitely NO, because somewhere we all know that despite the bitter taste the medicine is good for us and will help us recover.

In the way all the hurt, grief and pain we come across in our lives is beneficial for us as it makes a stronger and a better person. Just like the medicines are inevitable the same way it is important to also remember the cause. The cause and the effect go hand in hand. So to avoid the same medicines again you need to ensure we don’t do the same thing again. This teaches us not to repeat our mistakes so as to not get hurt again and again. So the next time you are hurt or in pain remember that you are ill and need this to recover, as my mom always says all the good things in life taste bitter.

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