I promise....

As another enticing year comes to end, I would like to gift you Eleven Promises in memory of the wonderful 2011 that we spent knowing each other, fighting, arguing and parting ways only to meet again. Wishing you more such lovely times ahead to create memories that last a lifetime!

I promise  ∞
  • Never to judge you on what others say about you.
  • To always hold your hand in touch times and hug you at triumphant times, to try to give you a patient listening in times of trouble and hear even the unspoken.
  • To understand every time when my calls/ messages go unanswered
  • To give you your space and respect your beliefs
  • To never jump to conclusions based on what is in sight.
  • Not to shout at you when you have landed yourself in trouble, rather stand by you to resolve the crisis.
  • Never let down your trust on me.
  • To always try to be that “FRIEND” you need in your life; a banyan tree standing under which you feel safe on a rainy day.
  • To never fight your battles for you
  • To never take you for granted.

Though it is said Promises are meant to be broken, I don’t intend to break any of these promises. Looking forward to more such terrific times which add interesting chapters to our book of life…

Happy New Year


  1. Belated .. Belated Happy New year ;)

    I like the infinity symbol after that promise ;).And the promises you have made as well.
    But to whom ?

    1. Wishing you the same to you too :)

      I have a closed group of 2-3 people to whom I send a new year greeting every 31st December. So in 2010 it was 10 things I learnt from them, in 2011 it was 11 promises I made to them and in this year it would be something 12....

  2. Promises...and promises...i don't know for whom you have written it...n i don't even want to know...i would consider it for any friend...well if you be so honest with your friend like this...am sure your friendship would never break...but as my sixth sense tells me...not always do such people stay in your life as they will start taking you for granted...even if you don't...well i hope your friends be by your sides always...good luck...!!!

    1. I have written this for my friend though I never had any good ones. But yes this is for a friend, then , now and forever!

      Yes, we always run a fear of being taken for granted and that is the worst thing anyone can do to someone.

      Thanks for your hopes, AMEN to it and wishing the same for you.

      Take care

  3. " a banyan tree standing under which you feel safe on a rainy day."...wow, I am so lucky to have met you!

    1. Same here Gayu and I truly mean each and every promise from my heart!

  4. You r great pv,and your frnd is greatful to have you.GBU.TC


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