Silent Whispers

“The delicious creamy double layered chocolate cake with cherry toppings melts in my mouth with its frosting layered on my tongue. ..” sounds delicious…Is not it?

Have you ever noticed that when you are truly enjoying something, any sort of description seems inadequate. “Words are not enough” is a very commonly used phrase used in such situations. Words –however important they may seem to make a meaningful conversation there are some moments in life when words fall short. And in the blink of an eye such moments turn into be the most memorable and beautiful moments of our life.

At such times when words lose their sheen, our eyes become the medium of expression. They speak volumes and convey everything we have in our hearts. It is very rate to find a person who can actually understand the unspoken. It is very rare to find a person who can actually understand the unspoken. Holding hands sitting together staring into the space saying nothing still feeling you are having a wonderful conversation . Those moments are irreplaceable when someone looks into your eyes and understands exactly what you are going through. It feels miraculous!. .  It is a beautiful feeling art to understand the words spoken through the eyes. In an attempt to do so we are drawn emotionally closer to that person, leading to a stronger emotional bonding. It forms a strong base for strengthening of relationship.  Such moments can only be felt by the heart, spoken by the eyes and understood by the soul.

I have a special phrase for such discussions ,”Silent Whispers”, because the things spoken at this time are like the secrets we whisper and at the same time are silent. Mysteriously if you observe such conversations are also had with ourselves. We find ourselves connecting to our deeper self when sitting in extreme silence all alone. It brings on a kind of extreme calmness and soothes our frayed nerves in a jiffy.

The secret for mastering this art is to just feel the magic of silence and watch as the mystery unveils itself................!!

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